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What The expenses of establishing a company in Turkey ؟

What are the monthly expenses for setting up a company in Turkey?

We present this article as a mini feasibility study for setting up a company in Turkey, where we put the investor wishing to enter the Turkish labor market aware of the monthly expenses necessary to establish the company so that he knows all the requirements resulting from entering the Turkish labor market.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is the cost of the company’s headquarters itself, so renting a place to fit your company’s headquarters starts from 2000 liters to 10,000 liters depending on the place itself, just as the furnishings of this place from furniture and controversy start from 15000 liters and above according to your desire and capabilities.

And in the event that you are unable or want to have a company headquarters and an apparatus that we provide a plot of land for the company and that is 100% legal for the state and enables you to practice the activity in exchange for an agreed monthly rent that is much less than the actual headquarters cost

After we have set the priorities of the company’s work in terms of the workplace, whether actual or hypothetical, we determine the capital, which is in Turkey, starting from the amount of 10,000 Turkish liras, but whenever this amount increases, of course, the owner of the company gives many advantages in investment and in obtaining a work residence.

The company’s monthly expenses

  • Legal Accountant’s Fees: It is based on following up on the company’s files with the government agencies, foremost of which is the tax authorities. The fees for this chartered accountant will start from 700 TL to 1,500 TL.
  • The stopaj tax: it is a tax that is paid on the company’s rental, and its percentage is estimated at 25% of the rent, and this tax is paid every three months.
  • Monthly statement tax: The amount of this tax is from 38 to 58 pounds per month.
  • Value Added Tax: It is a tax on the company’s sales and its value ranging between 1% and 8% and 18%, and it is added to the buyer’s bill and collected from it and paid to the state.

The company’s annual expenses.

  • The company’s annual books: They are the books that support all the company’s events and administrative decisions. These books are documented annually in Notre, which is the documentation office, and these books cost an annual amount of 1200 liters to 1500 liters.
  • Chamber of Commerce Participation: These are fixed expenses that are paid annually to the state and whose value ranges from 520 liters.

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