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Sapanca is the magic of nature throughout the seasons

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One of the most important wonders of natural beauty not only in Turkey but also worldwide, Sapanca Lake is a paradise for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the mesmerizing beauty of the lake welcomes its visitors with a different face every season throughout the year.
When the blue sky approaches the blue lake, natural plants intervene in the area, which contains thousands of trees and shades of green. This unique view, which provides insatiable fun, attracts not only locals or foreign tourists, but also water sports enthusiasts such as surfing, sailing and kayaking. .

Lake Sapanca, which is a popular destination for migratory birds on the migration route, is a very important natural park in terms of sports tourism.

It is a city in Sakarya Province, in the Marmara region in Turkey. It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, about 130 km away from the European side, about 15 km away from the Izmit region, Sabiha International Airport, which is a terminal for European regions, is 60 km away, and Ataturk Airport is 140 km away. The city of Sapanca is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey and one of the most beautiful cities because it is the city of dreams and this is its title. This city is surrounded by many waterfalls and the large Sapanca Lake, which is the largest in Turkey and the closest to Istanbul. It has many hills and the famous Kartbeh Mountain, and this mountain is for winter skiing lovers.

In terms of location, this city occupies an important strategic position in Turkey in terms of the picturesque and wonderful nature that captures minds before hearts. This tourist city is the closest resort and winter resort to Istanbul, a haven for rest and relaxation for Arab tourists and a vital place. Its climatic conditions are wonderful. In the summer the temperature reaches a maximum of 27 degrees and in Winter to minus 7 degrees below zero. Most of it is inhabited by Turks, and there are more than 1,000 Arabs who live there permanently. And millions of Arabs, Europeans and Turks come to visit this city every year because this wonderful city is a haven of rest, recreation and fun, and it contains many wonderful places.

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