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How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

All the methods that enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship

This article is submitted for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship Turkey is one of the first countries in world tourism Its climate is also moderate, which attracts many tourists to it Also, Turkey has prepared new investment laws that allow investors to obtain Turkish citizenship

5 ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

  • The first way: The investor buys real estate worth $ 250,000 and obtains Turkish citizenship provided that he places on the title deed a non-sale signal for 3 years
    Keeping the property without selling for three years and at the same time you can rent it during this period and we do this task for you.
  • The second method: investing in establishing a company with a capital of 500,000 dollars. It is worth noting that Turkey has reduced this amount from 2 million dollars to 500,000 dollars.
  • The third method: Putting the amount of 500,000 dollars as a deposit in one of the Turkish governmental banks for a period of three years, provided that this amount is not withdrawn throughout this period
    Fourth method: marriage for a period of 3 years from a Turkish citizen or citizenship.
  • Fifth method: working in Turkey and obtaining a 5-year work permit
    All of the above is required for good conduct and behavior.

In these five methods, at least one of which is guaranteed to be obtained by my dear person who wants Turkish citizenship. We hope that you have obtained a comprehensive guide to help you.

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