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the beginning of success in Turkey

Turkey is a country that loves to invest and invest.Whether they are citizens of the state or foreigners, the benefits are equal. so we find a significant increase in the number of investors establishing companies in Turkey for investment purposes.

Therefore our interest was to provide all the necessary information to our successful partners who wish to enter the Turkish business market by establishing a company in Turkey.

We also find that the Real Estate Ownership Law, which prohibits those who have Syrian citizenship from direct real estate ownership in Turkey. may lead them to indirectly own real estate by following a commercial investment method of ownership. Where they establish companies, and buy real estate in the name of these companies.,and thus they become property owners and investors in companies at the same time.


Types of companies in Turkey

 There are many types of companies, but the most important of these types

  1.  Limited Liability Company: (LTD):
    This type of company is considered the model for owners of small and medium projects, and it is necessary to establish this type of company for at least one shareholder and the minimum capital of the company is 10,000 Turkish liras. Partners according to the percentage of their shares in the company’s capital.
  2. Joint Stock Company (S.A):
    Where the capital of the company is divided into shares distributed to the shareholders and the responsibility of the partners is according to the proportion of his share in the capital of the company. and the establishment of this type of company is required and the presence of at least five people and the minimum capital of the company is 50000 TL.and a quarter of the capital of the company is paid before registration provided that the remaining amount is paid From the capital within two years after registration. the joint stock companies can carry out any type of commercial and industrial activity in which Turkish law is permitted. 

The papers required for establishing a company in Turkey 

  • A valid passport translated into Turkish and authenticated by the Notre Office.
  • Tax number, and it is extracted within one day from the tax office.
  • Security approval to allow the establishment of the company.

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