منطقة باسن اكسبرس

Basin Express area is the artery of the heart of Istanbul

A prestigious area because of its advantages. as it is a destination for a privileged class of employees and businessmen with middle and high income. as these segments found in the region many advantages that are long mentioned. The Basin Express region is located on the European side of Istanbul. it is bordered on the west by Lake Koschik Maja, Avcilar, and on the west by the Sherin Avlar and Bayrampasa...

Istanbul Water Canal project

What you should know about the new Istanbul Canal project

Istanbul Canal project is The age project is what many have called this project due to its implementation strategy. and its place of real estate, cultural and historical importance. Which is expected to be completed in 2023. Reasons for establishing the new Istanbul Canal. The truth is that there are many reasons, among which we mention “that it is a project to protect the Bosphorus from extremely...

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