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Basin Express area is the artery of the heart of Istanbul

منطقة باسن اكسبرس

A prestigious area because of its advantages. as it is a destination for a privileged class of employees and businessmen with middle and high income. as these segments found in the region many advantages that are long mentioned. The Basin Express region is located on the European side of Istanbul. it is bordered on the west by Lake Koschik Maja, Avcilar, and on the west by the Sherin Avlar and Bayrampasa district, and from the south was Ataturk Airport, and from the north by Basaksehir and the new airport.

Accordingly, it is considered an artery running in the heart of Istanbul. where this line connects all these areas. as it is one of the roads leading to the (new airport), and the Basin Express. the most important roads of Istanbul, connects each other, such as the e5 & e80 road.

The importance of the Basin Express region

Basin includes: –

The importance of the Basin Express real estate area

The impact of the growth in Basin Express on real estate prices within this region, and even on the value of real estate in the surrounding the Gunsli neighborhood in the famous Bagcilar district is a good example of this. which resulted in an increase in real estate prices as it became a new destination for real estate investors. It became possible to see many of the best investment complexes and areas in it.

If we look at the price per square meter in the Bagcilar area several years ago., we will find that the average price per square meter was in the range of 1,200 Turkish liras, while the price has risen at the present time and exceeded nearly 4,000 Turkish liras.

The region’s road relationship with profitable investment

Perhaps the best options are always located around an area close to the airport or large parks and others., as this area is the closest to Ataturk Airport. which stopped working in air navigation after operating the new Istanbul airport., which will be converted into a large public park in addition to a large exhibition and conference center. Basin Express is also distinguished by its proximity to Istanbul’s new airport, which is one of the largest aviation centers in the world, which is eager for all investment seekers as it is one of the most successful investment projects in Turkey in general and for the region in particular. in addition to the multiple metro lines projects that await the region. The municipality also works on the flow of investments in the hotel sector, and accordingly provides all facilities for those seeking hotel investment there.

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