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Are real estate inherited in Turkey?

هل تُورث العقارات في تركيا ؟

Several questions arise for Turkish real estate buyers. And investors also about what is the inheritance of Turkish property to individuals.
Perhaps we will answer the most important and famous questions and inquiries from those wishing to own and invest in Turkey, about the foreign ownership law.

Questions abound about how to buy and own real estate, and among these questions.: -

Is there a Turkish law that gives the right of inheritance?

The question about buying mechanisms?. They ask about whoever bought them?. And how to inherit real estate in the event of the death of the property owner?. Are the properties distributed according to Turkish law or according to the request of the heirs?.

Non-Turks can inherit real estate in Turkey, as Turkish law allows foreigners in Turkey to own real estate in all its forms. such as lands, apartments, villas, offices, etc., and they are also allowed to own real estate in Turkey by inheritance.

The legal heirs have the right to transfer the ownership of real estate in Turkey from the owner after his death to the legal heirs after him.

– Any foreigner has the right to distribute his estate from real estate in Turkey to his children and heirs of the first degree. thus the ownership of the property is transferred to the heir, and with it he obtains real estate ownership privileges in Turkey according to Turkish law and through the judiciary.

There are some exceptions in this law. so it is known that the wife, according to Turkish law. inherits half and the other half is distributed to the children of the deceased. If the heir wants to divide the inheritance according to the system of his country or according to Islamic Sharia. he may submit a request to limit the inheritance according to the inheritance laws according to his country.

. Then the judge accepts and the inheritance is distributed according to the laws of his country.

The inheritance laws are approved after making sure that there is no will, officially certified by one of the Notre offices in Turkey, “the notary”.

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